Below are testimonials from our valued customers. Our dedication to changing the lives of those affected by substance abuse makes Serenity Health a respected member of the community. To maintain confidentiality, names cannot be added to comments.

Change people’s life for the better in everyday situations!
- Anonymous Serenity Health Patient
I love my counselor she really has helped me -get into school for my GED- take parenting classes- and do more of my art work- and she really does help and listen to us.
- Anonymous Serenity Health Patient
My counselor always stays even after closing if I am really struggling and he has missed meetings because I have been upset and he talked me through it.
- Anonymous Serenity Health Patient
The counselors here really do take the time to help. For the first time I actually can sit with my counselor and be completely honest. I feel I can trust here.
- Anonymous Serenity Health Patient
I was pregnant and my counselor gave me support while going through my pregnancy at the parenting group along with regular visits with the nurse practitioner to assure my baby was healthy.
- Anonymous Serenity Health Patient
I was arguing with my girlfriend and my counselor stopped what she was doing and took us both back to her office and was mediating a trust between us.
- Anonymous Serenity Health Patient

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