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Serenity Health is a program dedicated to helping those who have made the choice to stop using illicit substances and to begin a recovery program. The staff at Serenity Health is qualified, compassionate and committed to your treatment. You’ve made the first step. Let us help you begin to heal and recover.

First step to program enrollment is an assessment. An assessment can be scheduled by calling the location of interest, or by using the” contact us” option.

An assessment is an evaluation that a staff member must complete prior to program enrollment. The assessment can be in the form of questions, urine tests, meetings with the treatment team etc. This is an essential part of the process, and will determine what program is appropriate to meet your unique needs.

You will be required to give a urine sample that day that is observed by medical staff using as much privacy as possible to ensure accuracy and validity of the results.

Please allow enough time for a complete assessment to be performed to best meet your needs, and arrive alone to ensure privacy and free communication between you and the intake counselor.

Once your assessment is complete, your will be assigned a permanent counselor and be provided a patient handbook. You will attend an orientation session that will explain the details of the handbook and allow for a question and answer session with a counselor and a patient advocate. A patient advocate is a person in recovery that is there for your support and is not compensated by the program to avoid biases. Feel free to speak openly with a patient advocate at any time during your treatment. They can be contacted at

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