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Our staff includes our Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Administrative Staff, Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Addiction Counselors to meet the wide range of needs of the persons with substance abuse disorders. Serenity Health contracts on-site laboratory services with LabCorp ®.

Photo of Nancy Turner

Nancy Turner

Chief Executive Officer

In 2001, Mrs. Turner entered the substance abuse field with her sister and friend. Her sister was a recovering heroin addict and became a certified substance abuse counselor. Since her sister’s passing, Mrs. Turner joined her husband to continue to champion the stigma associated with persons seeking recovery from substances of abuse. Mrs. Turner is a practicing Registered Nurse with experience in a variety of fields, including; but not limited to, critical care, operating room, recovery room and prison medical services. The effects of substance abuse are felt in every aspect of life today. Changing how one perceives those that seek a sober lifestyle is essential to ending the cycle of abuse. Ending the cycle of abuse will reduce crime, improve family relationships, improve health outcomes, reduce medical costs, and reduce conflict within our entire community.

Photo of Todd Turner

Todd B. Turner

Chief Financial Officer

Nancy and Todd Turner started Serenity Health in 2009. Prior to this, Todd has 25 years of experience in manufacturing serving capacities such as supervision, maintenance, and management. His experiences included companies such as Crown, Cork, and Seal, Domino Sugar, and GAF Materials Corporation. Currently Todd's roll as co-owner and CFO.

His accomplishments include sponsored completion of Lasalle University's Management Development Program, working closely with major food manufactures in developing and implementing modern packaging strategies, and multiple leadership training programs. Todd has also developed several technical training programs for company-specific needs as well as served on many corporate teams for company-wide problem solving.

Photo of Dr Karl Specter

Dr. Karl Spector

Medical Director

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland Dr. Spector began his education with a BA in Psychology from Susquehanna University, Pre-Med at Goucher College, and his Doctor of Medicine from St. George's University. Dr. Karl Spector is Board Certified Internal Medicine and began his experience in Substance Abuse delivery with Phoenix Recovery and TRW Associates in 2001 as the interim Medical Director of their substance abuse programs while launching his own office based buprenorphine program. In early 2004, Dr. Spector began working with Nancy Turner as the Medical Director of her former treatment program and continues that relationship as Medical Director of Serenity Health, LLC. During this time, Dr. Spector also served as the Medical Director of Harford County Health Department, Substance Abuse Services and volunteer activities with Harford County Mobile HealthLink providing free medical services to those underinsured or uninsured.

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